I Have a Dream

I have dream!

I believe my dream for the Church is also God’s dream for His Church as already outlined in Acts 2: 42-47…

     I dream of a Church filled with pure WORSHIP
          …  where the presence of God is so glorious that people cannot resist the loving
                conviction of the Holy Spirit
          …  where the praises of God are so intense that demonic strongholds are broken
                and people are free
          …  where the people of God have the “high praises of God in their mouth
                 and a two-edged sword in their hand”.
     I dream of a Church focused on explosive EVANGELISM
       … where the people are more concerned about seeking and saving the lost more than
              seeking and saving their reputation!
       … where the focus is outward (on the harvest) rather than inward (on the house!)
       … where the Great Commission is not the “Great Suggestion”, but all are involved in
              the mission of God!
     I dream of a church fueled with a passion for MINISTRY
        … where the people recognize their gifts and are released to use them!
        … where the pastors equip and lead for the work of the ministry
        … where needs are easily met because people are generous givers
     I dream of a church fired up for DISCIPLESHIP
        … where pastors speak up for truth and saints grow up to maturity
        … where people are not only well fed, but are well led!
        … where the saints are edified, the church is unified, and Jesus is glorified
     I dream of a church friendly with FELLOWSHIP
       … where people laugh, love, cry, and care as they experience life together
       … where the atmosphere is all-inclusive rather than all-exclusive
       … where love runs deep, grace expands wide and joy reaches high
My dream is God’s dream for His church.  A church where the saints are edified, the church is unified, and Jesus is glorified!


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