“Wits End”: A Message of Hope

Seventeen years ago this very month, I was sitting in the waiting room of a doctor’s office in Albany, Georgia waiting for the doctor to give us some good news about my wife, Liz.  Unfortunately, the news was not good.  In fact, it was worse than I  even imagined.  He told me, “Mr. Allman your wife has breast cancer that has spread through eleven lympnodes and it is not good.  She will obviously undergo surgery and an extremely heavy treatment of chemotherapy and radiation because of her young age.  There’s a 50/50 chance she can survive this.”  At that moment, my whole heart sank!  I was invaded by a “spirit of hopelessness”!  I thought to myself, “Now what?  How could such a good God, allow such a bad thing to happen?  What would happen to Liz?  Who would help me raise our precious little Kaitlin (who was just over a year old at that time)?  Only eight years into our marriage and this is how it ends?!”  I don’t know if you have ever been at your “wits end” before, where all the odds seemed stacked against you and you look for a way out but find none.  But there is a feeling of despair, fear, and hopelessness that for a moment overtakes you…and if you let it… will destroy you!  It truly is a place called “wits-end”.

In the book of 1 Chronicles chapter 20 there is an amazing story of a people, the children of Israel, who came to their “wits end”.  The armies of Ammon, Moab and Mount Seir were coming against God’s people.  They cried out in v. 12…“We have no power against this great multitude that is coming against us; nor do we know what to do, but our eyes are upon You.”  In the following verses the prophet speaks up (thank God for the prophet!) and tells the children of Israel what they should do in order to defeat the enemy.  I will not outline those prophetic words here, but if you want to know how Israel defeated their enemy and furthermore, hear “the rest of our miraculous story” and my wife’s testimony of healing and other miracles that God did in her life; then you need to click below to listen to the sermon I have preached many times called “Wits End”.   It will bless you and give you hope when it seems all hope is gone!  I hope you will listen!  You may also download it by clicking here.



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